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Utica Tracings Update

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Preparations are underway for the 2017 planting of 1,000 narcissus bulbs on the former house sites in West Utica, New York. This project is a continuation of my ongoing work Trace that is situated on Sculpture Space grounds. 

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Queens CorrespondAnce School

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I have a few small works that will be included in the exhibition, Queens CorrespondAnce School which will be opening at Academic in Long Island City on September 2. Each artist was asked to submit a work through the mail with the understanding that another artist would transform it. Each artist also received work to transform and return. Here are the works that I transformed and returned to the gallery. 



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I am happy to announce that my sculpture, "Domestic Geodes" was included as part of "Animal, Vegetable.....Mineral" at Central Booking in NYC in April.  I will also have work included in the exhibition, The Queens CorrespondAnce School at Academic in Long Island City.   My work "Translucent Home" was recently included as part of Treacy Ziegler's article in the Broad Street Review,, "Expelling the Beautiful: Has beauty been usurped in contemporary art?"  I will be teaching Introduction to Sculpture at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in the fall of 2016.



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These recent pieces are part of my series of iterative works.  Constructed of window screen they are intimate in scale and are a distillation and evolution of some of the visual ideas I have been working on. These are quiet works whose formal components interact with each other in slow motion. I am interested in the way subtle shifts from piece to piece create distinct visual tensions. I have always been attracted to ice. I enjoy the way ice stops and solidifies motion. For me, these pieces connect to the nature of ice.and embody my preoccupation with the synthesis between structure and light.

Studio View

Studio sketch


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In the summer of 2015 my work was included in an exhibition at the Johnson Museum of Art as part of Locally Sourced. Locally Sourced featured artists based in the Ithaca region who had exhibited outside of Ithaca, but had not exhibited at the Johnson. 

I was thrilled to be able to exhibit part of my recent body of experimental studio work. Underlying my work is the idea that much of what we think of as permanent is in a constant state of flux. My drawings, reliefs and small sculptures explore elements that are in a state of breaking, tearing, cracking and shifting.

For more than twenty-five years I have been creating and exhibiting large-scale, site-specific installations. In the process of making these large works I have had to discard certain ideas in favor of others. In 2011 I set out to create a series of at least 100 small pieces in order to explore multiple ideas at the same time.  The works exhibited in Locally Sourced are part of this ongoing series and range in date from 2008-2015.


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I see proposing work for a site  as an opportunity to stretch my ideas.  Whether or not the proposals are ultimately accepted, the process of developing an idea is an interesting one. I develop my ideas through drawings and models. This 2015 project idea for an architectural folly exhibition remains on my drawing board.